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AEMT PASS Philosophy

AEMT PASS provides a balanced set of AEMT questions for education and self-evaluation. In order to understand AEMT PASS, those considering purchasing the application need to know its purpose, philosophy, how it was developed, the application features, and how to purchase AEMT PASS.

Having a solid grasp of the EMT knowledge base is essential for those who desire certification or licensure as an AEMT.

AEMT was established in 2006 via the National EMS Scope of Practice Model. It was a product of the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The document, available on, was developed by a multi-national organizational EMS committee of stakeholders led by the National Association of State EMS Officials. This model was to guide state laws and rules into establishment of the AEMT as an updated replacement for the former EMT-Intermediate. Bill was a member of the committee that designed the AEMT, and an early advocate for the title “Advanced-EMT.”

The AEMT is not an EMT+ (plus), but is a level of care that stands on its own, building on the EMT knowledge and skills base.

It is at an advanced level, however, meaning that it’s not just about acquiring skills but acquiring advanced knowledge as well. This means that even though there are topics within the National EMS Education Standards in which the AEMT education content is the same as that of an EMT, there is also plenty of advanced knowledge required for the AEMT over many of the topics.

Because the AEMT builds upon the EMT, those who desire certification or licensure as an AEMT must have a solid grasp of the EMT knowledge base.

Thus a properly constructed certification test at the AEMT level will have a very high number of questions that are at the EMT level, but they will be difficult EMT questions that should be easy or moderate for an “advanced” EMT. Many times, however, AEMT courses do not include a strong review of EMT material—sometimes no review of EMT material at all. This is to the disadvantage of the student, and results in high failure rates of those classes when they take the NREMT exam. In fact, AEMT certification results have shown high failure rates and weaknesses over EMT knowledge. In order to reach AEMT entry-level competency, a course must either include a comprehensive review of EMT material or include a comprehensive measurement (tests) over EMT material to assess student knowledge and then refresh unknown EMT material.

Because of Bill’s experience as a member of the committee that designed the National EMS Education Standards and the National EMS Scope of Practice Model for the AEMT, he believed that an appropriately developed AEMT educational and self-assessment application could decrease those failure rates by aiding in the acquisition of knowledge for aspiring AEMTs. For this reason, Bill developed AEMT PASS.

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