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The EMT PASS application is the most comprehensive review product on the market.

EMT PASS was designed for two reasons:

1) to be part of classroom learning and
2) as a self-assessment application.

Because the test items correlate to an EMT course, the first two tests and the third summative “summary” examination should be used after the first half of the course has been completed.

Those considering purchasing the EMT PASS application will further benefit by understanding the philosophy of the application – why Mr. Brown developed it for students.  Using the application in the classroom will help during an EMT course.  Knowing its features and understanding them is important before purchasing.  Additionally, this section of the website links you to the most efficient method to purchase EMT PASS.


USD $29.99

EMT PASS can be purchased, becomes beneficial and can be used after 50% of an EMT Course has been completed.

byLC Ready for EMT PASS app

Available in both Web and Mobile formats.

Using a new server-based delivery system, students may use the mobile version before class and then when they return home, use the Web-based version to find all of their prior work synchronized seamlessly.

The server-based approach also helps users manage audio files. Users can choose to stream or download audio files, which is helpful when disk space or bandwidth are a concern. Necessary app revisions due to changes in science or scope of practice are instantly reflected on the user’s device.

EMT PASS Highlights

  • Section 1: Medical emergencies, resuscitation, shock and job responsibilities. It also includes content from the AHA CPR Guidelines.
  • Section 2: Trauma, special populations and job responsibilities.
  • Section 3: Test your knowledge of the entire EMT curriculum in two simulated NREMT practice exams.